2 years ago I burnt out; despite having all the outer trappings of a good life and thriving career in marketing, I felt unsatisfied with my life and was always running on empty. I wondered where my energy, or spark had gone? I thought if I achieved all these things it would make me happy; instead, it left me sick, burnt out and seeking a better way of being.
Working with a variety of health and wellness coaches was a game changer for me. It introduced me to vital life skills, from stress management techniques, to learning how to set achievable mini goals. Most notably having a coach hold me accountable helped push me to breakthrough barriers in all areas of life.

Our MISSION IS TO PROVIDE a platform for high-octane people to learn to recharge their spark, manage their energy and sustain their success.

We all know it's hard to slow down and that change isn't easy, but with the knowledge and support, changes became possible, sustainable and lasting. 

We host live events and workshops spotlighting world-class coaches across a variety of health and personal development sectors. Our mission is to match people with the right coaches for them and their life challenge, empowering them to ignite their spark and our collective well-being. 


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Emily Peterson:


Emily developed her passion for fitness through her father, an athlete and her fascination with wellness from her mother, a nurse. Early on she naturally immersed herself in the world of health and fitness, eventually participating in competitive sports like Track & Field at Minnesota State University. She soon began to deepen her interest in the science behind exercise and started using health and fitness as a source for helping others.


Emily is a certified health and fitness professional who has been working in the corporate and wellness space for the past 18 years. Emily has worked with companies such as Citibank, MGM, Target, Cargill, Cummins, and Allianz. After seeing thousands of strong-willed, dedicated, and talented employees and managers burning out and losing their focus, Emily became inspired to create programs and tools to help companies improve health and happiness at work. These tailored programs have improved employee engagement, productivity and satisfaction, which in turn amplified company well-being and morale.


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