Why Being Nice Isn't Kind

Kind = Caring + Truthful.

Nice = Polite + People Pleasing.

We're moving into week 3, our final week. You may have noticed, it can be challenging to be authentically warm and kind to all. The reasons is because of an inherent social tension: will we be superficially nice and accepted, or truthful and potentially rejected? Dr. Mark Hyman explains: Stop Being Nice + Do This Instead. 

Most of us have been socialized to think honesty is mean and kindness is nice, but the power is finding the balance between the two.

A wise friend once told me: 

Truth - Kindness = Cruelty

However, he said if you can imbue truth with helpfulness, it becomes caring, kind and potentially transformative. 

#Kindathon Mission 15: 

Be Kind + Honest.

Vanessa Cameron